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For Sale:
Yellowstone/Bell Canoe Works/tandem by Jay
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[ SOLD! ]
Available in Montgomery (Alabama, United States)

Make: Bell Canoe works Model: Yellowstone Type: Tandem
Original MSRP: $1300
Asking: $950 /
Royalex hull - 59 lbs.
Length: 15' 6"
Length/Width Ratio: 5.5 /
Rocker: Bow 3" Stern 2" /
Bow: 21"
Mid: 14"
Stern: 19" /
Gunwale width - 32.5"
Max width - 34"
4" WL width - 32" /
2" WL - 170 lbs.
3" WL - 310 lbs.
4" WL - 420 lbs.
5" WL - 580 lbs. /
6" Freeboard: 950 lbs.
Optimum Load: 250 - 550 lbs. /
Maker's Write Up
Not everyone has room in the garage or the budget for multiple canoes. We designed the Yellowstone to do it all with one boat. Its perfect blend of performance features, like speed and stability, make river paddling a breeze. Yet, the Yellowstone still skates across flat water quietly and efficiently while holding enough gear for a long weekend trip. /
Notes from seller:
Canoe is in very good condition in my opinion. Only used a dozen times. It has the typical scratches on hull with a couple of larger scratches (see pictures). Has a Vin # plate attached to side of hull. This canoe is classified as a down river canoe although it works just fine on flat water. It tracks well and turns wonderfully because of the bow and stern rocker. Canoe is hunter green with black plastic gunwales. Seats are made of Ash and Walnut with cane mesh. Seats are slightly angled down for kneeling position if desired but also comfortable if just sitting. Wooden handles at bow and stern. Wooden portage thwart. /
Customized by seller:
Outfitted with straps, parachord lacing, and floor D-rings for displacement bags- sold separately.
Added snaps below gunwale (see pictures) for self customized spray skirt. Spray skirt will need to be fabricated if desired but not necessary.
Installed security loop/ Bow and stern lead ropes & braided parachord handles. /
Sold separately:
1. Two-wooden paddles (by: Bending Branches) with rock resin tips in very good condition.
2. Bow, stern & center displacement bags (color: yellow)

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Yellowstone/Bell Canoe Works/tandem - [click here to zoom] Yellowstone/Bell Canoe Works/tandem - [click here to zoom] Yellowstone/Bell Canoe Works/tandem - [click here to zoom] Yellowstone/Bell Canoe Works/tandem - [click here to zoom]

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