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CanoeMarket is the place where you can list, sell and buy canoes, kayaks, paddles, equipment and anything else that you need for your favorite water sports!

  • 1) How do I signup?
    • Click on the "Signup" link and fill in your details. You will then receive a confirmation email to your mailbox with a link. Click on the link and the registration is complete! You will then be able to use your account in a matter of seconds.

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  • 2) Why should I signup to
    • It is really simple, you signup, leaving your email address and location, and you will be able to list ads FOR FREE in our website. You can then also send messages directly from the website, to other users about their ads.

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  • 3) Is any of my information I signedup with, published somewhere?
    • There is only one signup info that is public. That is the alias that you choose on the signup process.
      All the other personal info that you signedup with, are not publicly visible.

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  • 4) I want to edit my personal information, can I?
    • Of course you can. You can edit everything apart from the email address, clicking on the profile page. The email address is your 'username' for the login and the method of communication for user's messages. That's why it can't be changed.
      If you need for some reason to change your email address, you can use the contact us form and we will contact you to verify your identity.

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  • 5) I forgot my password, how do I log back into this awesome website?
    • There is a link to be able to reset your password. You will receive a confirmation email on the registered mailbox.
      You will have to follow the link and you will then receive another email with the newly generated password.
      Yes we will generate a new password for you, because we don't store your plain password.
      It is instead encrypted, so that nobody will be able to read it to preserve your credential safety.

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  • 6) Is there a limit on the number of ads I can post for free?
    • No! There isn't.

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  • 7) Why is this website free? What the heck? Are you crazy?
    • Yes I know, I'm crazy. No, I just want you to be able to easily sell your gear for FREE.
      This was an idea that came out at the pub with Daniele Molmenti (if you don't know him, seriously, you are not into kayaks!) a good friend of mine that is actually one of the world's best paddlers! :)
      He was always asking me for a good website where paddlers could exchange and sell their used gear... so there we go.
      I would like it to be free, so I'm counting on the advertisements on the site to keep it going, and on you of course, to visit the site and actually click on the really really interesting advertisements that you find :)
      This will help all you paddlers to exchange/sell/buy your stuff for free, and create a good paddler's community!

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  • 8) I want to get rid of my old boat, how do I list it on this website, so that people can see it?
    • First of all, you need to be signedup. Why? Because the site needs to know your email address so that can keep people in touch about an ad, without exposing your email to the whole internet!

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  • 9) I just saved a new listing and the text of a listing it is all weird. It is not exactly what I meant it to be. What should I do?
    • Probably you copied and pasted the text from a web page or a document with different formatting structure.
      You can use the last button on the right, of the text editor to clear the unwanted formatting. You just need to select the whole text and press the button.

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  • 10) How does the content editor work?
    • The editor has few simple buttons. From the left the common redo/undo buttons.
      Then there are 3 text type buttons (Bold, Italics and Underlined).
      There is a url button that you can use to insert link inside the text content, and the unlink, button, to remove a url previously input.
      The last button is to clear any unwanted text formatting. It is really useful if you copy and paste text from a word document or any other source, and you notice weird behavior on the output.
      A note: the editor does not support straight HTML code. You will have to write plain text or use the editor's buttons.

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  • 11) I don't seem to be able to save an ad, I always get back to the same page.
    • Probably you have some error messages at the top of the page, listing what you missed out on your listing.
      The errors will describe exactly what is wrong with the listing form.

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  • 12) I don't seem to be able to post a picture on my listing
    • We accept only .jpg images. Check that the format is correct.

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  • 13) How do I find only my listings?
    • There is a specific place where to find all your listing. You just need to click on 'My Ads'.

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  • 14) I posted my gear on the website, now what?
    • You can post it on your Facebook profile or Twitter account using the appropriate buttons on the bottom right of every ad's page.
      You can pass the link to friends or just wait that someone will find your ads interesting and contact you.
      If you want to make your listing more appealing just add a couple of images, so that people can actually see what you are looking for.

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  • 15) I made a mistake on one listing I've just created, how do I fix it?
    • You can open the listed ad and press the edit button on the bottom right. Then you make the wanted changes and save the ad again.

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  • 16) I really posted something I didn't mean to.
    • You can edit the ad at any time but unfortunately you won't be able to remove it.
      There is a specific reason about it. I want people to be able to contact the ad's owner if they have any further questions about it.
      That's why I don't allow the ad to be deleted just yet.

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  • 17) I just sold the ad related to a listing, how do I stop people from asking me about that ad?
    • On each ad, there is a specific flag, that marks the ad as sold. You can just edit the ad itself, and mark that flag.
      Other users will see on the title that the ad has already been sold.

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  • 18) How can I remove an ad that has been sold?
    • Please refer to 'I really posted something I didn't mean to'.

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  • 19) How do I search for a specific ad?
    • Just click on the search link and enter the criteria you are interested in. If you don't see any results or just a few, make your search criteria broader, until you are satisfied with the results!

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  • 20) I am interested to see only cheap stuff, how do I do?
    • You can easily sort the results by price, instead of the default one by date using the search link.
      The price will sort from the lower one at the top, to the higher one at the bottom.
      If you sort by date, the most recent ads are at the top.

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  • 21) I only see few listings, why?
    • Probably there is a search criteria that is filtering the results. You should reduce the filter criteria to have a more broad search.

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  • 22) Ok, I've found a listing I'm interested in, where do I go from there?
    • It is as simple as clicking into the detailed page of the listing, and proceeding to the messaging area. It is the envelope icon on the right hand side. Click it and send an email directly to the listing person! He will receive the message in his mailbox in seconds!

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  • 23) How does the messaging works?
    • First of all you need to be signedup to use this feature.
      Basically you see a listing that you are interested on and you click the message icon on the right.
      You ask a question to the lister and send him a message.
      He will then receive an email in instants, that notifies him of the new message on the website.
      He can then log in to the website and read/reply to your message.
      Every message about the same ad, will be listed one below each other, with the newest always at the top.
      On the inbox page, you can have an overview of all the conversations about different ads, that you are involved in, and you can easily see from the icon, if you have any unread messages on any conversation.

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  • 24) I see different icons next to every single message or conversation, why?
    • There are two icons, one for read messages/conversations, one for unread.
      If you see the unread icon on the conversation, inside that conversation there is at least 1 new message.
      You can also see if the receiver of the message has read it or not. If you still see the unread icon on a sent message, it means the other user hasn't read the message just yet!

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  • 25) How can I delete conversations from my inbox or messages from a conversation?
    • You currently are not allowed to. The conversations will queue so that the newest will be always on top. There is no need to delete conversations. It is mainly for history, so that if there are any problems with ads sold/bought, you can still know what has been discussed in the past.

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  • 26) The menu bar at the top, keeps saying that I have a new message, how do I read it?
    • Just click on the Inbox on the menu, and look for the unread conversation icon. Conversations are sorted with the one with the most recent reply on top. It is really easy to find the latest messages.

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  • 27) I have an interesting experience about canoes and kayaks that I would like to share on this website, how do I do that?
    • Currently there is no such public section. You can easily contact me using the contact me form, and I will be more than glad to post your experience on this website!

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  • 28) I have a brilliant idea for this website, how can I let you know?
    • Just use the contact form, we will be really happy to hear from you!

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  • 29) I have another question about this site and it is not listed here, how should I do?
    • Contact us on the 'Contact Us' page and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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