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Pat Moore Designed Proem Canoe by HollyPond
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Updated on 25/05/21@17:51
Available in ANNA MARIA (Florida, United States)

Pat Moore designed this innovative canoe, which was built by Blackhawk Canoes in Janesville, Wisconsin. Unlike most canoes, the Proem's lines focus on replacing displaced water, allowing it slip through the water with hardly any wake and no gurgling, even when turning sharply. The result is a joy to paddle, especially on quiet water where the paddler wants to blend into the environment. To accomplish Mr. Moore's goal, he made it widest about a foot forward of center. The waterline is concave over the first few feet rather than convex like most canoes. The bow quarters are extremely flared. The stern tapers over its length to a tall, fine & straight sided stern.
The shearline is very strong, with tall stems making the center look shallow.
The Proem has a pedestal seat that adjusts fore and aft and knee pads. Specs: Weight: 31 lbs; Length: 11'10"; Gunwale width: 26"; 4" Waterline width 24½"; Bow height: 16½"; Stern height: 16"; Center depth: 11"Hull: Asymmetrical, fiberglass-reinforced plastic; Color: beige
This boat hasn't been made in years but is a true paddler's gem.
You can read more about it here:

The suggested price is: $ 975.00
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Pat Moore Designed Proem Canoe - [click here to zoom] Pat Moore Designed Proem Canoe - [click here to zoom]

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