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Fabulous Wood Strip Canoe wooden canoe by alick
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Updated on 15/06/13@13:58
Available in United Kingdom

Imagine yourself floating gently down a river at daybreak with the dawn chorus the only sound around you or in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains. Our wood strip canoes can help you realize that dream.
Our canoes are not only fantastic functional craft but also creations of such beauty that they turn heads wherever they go.
They are made to a classic Canadian canoe design which makes them easy to turn, swift in a straight line and equally at home in fast rivers or gentle lakes. There is ample space on board for passengers and equipment which makes for a great weekend away from the stress of modern life.
The reason they look so good is because they are built using the wood strip technique to create a seamless hull with beautiful flowing lines .This involves glueing many carefully moulded strips of timber together over a form and then covering with epoxy resin and fibreglass which seals and strengthens the hull and yet allows the beauty of the timber to shine through.
This particular example is made to the Peterborough Pattern using our staple-less construction which shows off the wood to its best without staple holes showing. She has decks made from reclaimed mahogany with a centrepiece of figured olive ash and maple stripes either side. The gunwales are made from tough springy ash and the apex of each deck is finished with a piece of American black walnut. This lovely dark timber is also used to fine effect on the laminations of the coaming. The seats frames are made from elm and the supporting pillars are turned from oak and hung on stainless steel bolts.
In the centre is a reclaimed mahogany carrying yoke and at each end there are integral tow points.
This is the keel-less version for maximum manoeuvrability and the dimensions are as follows.
Length 16ft
width 31”
Depth 12”
Weight 23-26 kilos Approx
She represents over 200 hours of work and is an absolute bargain at £3200
A really top quality item made by a cabinetmaker with 30 years woodworking experience you simply will not find a better piece of craftsmanship.

The suggested price is: $ 3700.00
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Fabulous Wood Strip Canoe wooden canoe - [click here to zoom] Fabulous Wood Strip Canoe wooden canoe - [click here to zoom] Fabulous Wood Strip Canoe wooden canoe - [click here to zoom] Fabulous Wood Strip Canoe wooden canoe - [click here to zoom]

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