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For Sale:
1938 Old Town #124988 by btcanoe
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Updated on 01/09/18@14:09
Available in Port Huron (Michigan, United States)

Here’s your Winter project.
1939, 17 foot Old Town canoe with sponsons. Common Sense grade, Heavy Water model. Purchased by my father from a neighbor in the very early sixties and some repairs made, recanvased and painted. Stored in the rafters of the garage between uses over the next 10 years, and then hung in the rafters of that garage unused for the next 40 years.
The house it was in was sold and the canoe came to me as part of the estate. I have it stored elevated and under a tarp lean-to attached to the shady side of my garage. It really deserves better than this.
Rescue it, put some love and a few dollars into it and be proud of what you’ve accomplished and be a hero to your family.
It can be paddled away in right now. It comes with the 2 paddles that came with it when my dad bought it.
Your response to this ad must contain the date the keel was put on this canoe or I will ignore you. I will give you hint, the info is in the pictures, which were taken a few months ago.

The suggested price is: $ 1100.00
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1938 Old Town #124988 - [click here to zoom] 1938 Old Town #124988 - [click here to zoom] 1938 Old Town #124988 - [click here to zoom] 1938 Old Town #124988 - [click here to zoom]

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